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Are you training for a race or triathlon and looking to improve your times? Looking to get fit through running? We are a Virgin London Marathon injury clinic (link to virgin london marathon site as per logo on header) We have great experience dealing with training programs, injury prevention and biomechanical assessments. We have therefore put together a bespoke program for you that combines our expertise at elite level to work for you. Included in our package is:
  • Fitness testing
  • Running gait analysis
  • Running specific core testing using our specialised screening protocol.
  • Running specific muscle strength testing
  • Training & Nutritional advice
  • Strength & conditioning programs based on your testing
  • Injury prevention screens
  • Running specific sports massage
Bespoke health programs suited for your personal requirements. Contact A2Z Elite Health & Performance in London.

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At A2Z we understand the unique challenges that CrossFit places on you. Trying to balance strength, speed, endurance, power, flexibility and agility in ever changing challenges can be great for the body but also make you susceptible to injury. We have experience in a wide range of sports and so are uniquely placed to help meet the variety of challenges CrossFit presents you with. 
Our bespoke package includes:
  • Fitness testing
  • Core activation and strength testing using our specialised screening protocol.
  • Power, Strength & flexibility testing
  • Lifting technique assessment
  • Strength & conditioning programs based on the testing results
  • Injury prevention screens
  • Sports massage

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A2Z Forward

Have you had cancer and undergone chemotherapy? Our experts at A2Z have teamed up with leading oncologists in London to create a unique package aimed at helping you recover and move forward with your physical wellbeing after cancer treatment.
As part of our commitment to helping you long the road to recovery we will:
  • Perform a multidisciplinary general physical health and well being screen to assess correctly your exercise level
  • Home visits to assess you mobility needs around the home
  • An appropriate exercise program based on your testing to help improve your fitness, energy levels, mobility and strength
  • Feedback with your oncologist and updates as necessary
A2Z Elite Health & Performance also offers sports massage, sports medicine, strength training and nutrition advice.

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